Gentle Yoga

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Gentle Yoga This class might suit you if you are looking for gentle start to your practice after completing one of our Beginners courses, taking steps to get in shape if you haven't been too active in recent years, pregnant ladies who want to prepare physically [...]

Slow Flow

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Slow Flow From 1 May 2022 Some times feel like ramping it up a bit from Intermediate?  This may be just what you're looking for, as the name suggests it'll be a class that keeps you on the move; joining poses in sequence, repetitions with stronger [...]

Beginners Yoga

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New to Yoga The aim of the class is to introduce you to the the key yoga poses and learn to work with your breath to enhance your practice. The intention is to give you a foundation to build on and confidence to progress to our [...]

Hot Yoga & Warm Yin

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Hot Yoga & Warm Yin Please be aware of he following: Hot Yoga is not suitable for absolute beginners, pregnant ladies or those within 12 weeks of having given birth, people with high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, within 48 hrs of having had botox [...]


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Yin This form is more passive, its focus is to work deep into joints, ligaments, tendons and muscle fascia.  Yin yoga is beneficial to a range of people, for a range of different reasons: for those with arthritis, for sports people who feel they would benefit [...]


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Intermediate This class is the one that suits most attendees, the one we do most often, it can be the starting point for you if you have attended a beginners class  or if you've done yoga in the past and want to come back to it. [...]

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