Hot Yoga & Warm Yin

Please be aware of he following:

Hot Yoga is not suitable for absolute beginners, pregnant ladies or those within 12 weeks of having given birth, people with high or low blood pressure, heart conditions, within 48 hrs of having had botox treatment or if you have suffered any kind of heat related illness in the past.  Don’t come to a hot yoga class less than 24 hours after having consumed a large amount of alcohol or having taken recreational drugs – we don’t want to have to physically move you out of the room because you’ve passed out from de-hydration.

There will be a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for you to complete before taking your first class.

You will need to ensure you are properly hydrated before attending and that you bring at least one litre of water with you; please bring either a yoga mat towel or a large towel to put on your mat to prevent you slipping and to absorb sweat, you will also need a flannel or small towel to wipe your hands, face, body in the course of the class.  We’d suggest you bring a change of clothes with you.

Hot Yoga Myth-buster

Hot Yoga will not : melt fat, draw out “toxins” or “sweat out” the effects of alcohol, drugs or an illness (in all of these instances you’re better off staying at home and drinking lots of water).

What Hot Yoga will do is make you work hard because exercise in this level of heat is more challenging physically and mentally, you will sweat loads and if you attend regularly you will begin to feel stronger and more supple, some people report feeling mentally clearer, more relaxed and as if they’ve shed a layer of skin.

Classic sequence – The 26 classic hot yoga poses carried out in 35 degrees  – £10 – 90 minutes

Warm Yin – This will follow a Hot class at 25 degrees – regular class price – 1 hour

If you do the two back to back you can do so for  £15

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