About Kirkcaldy Yoga

We are situated in a modern building in a quiet location on the edge of Kirkcaldy two minutes from the A92 and the Retail Park.

We offer a range of yoga styles so there will be something for everyone from sports people wanting to enhance their training to ladies expecting babies to seniors and everyone in between. Our maximum class size is 7 so our students benefit from their teacher being able to offer more personal attention to ensure safe practice.

Our class teachers are Yoga Alliance registered and undertake continuing professional development training to refresh their skills and gain additional knowledge.

You can book on-line via our Bookwhen site using the book button at the top of the page or get in touch to let us know you will be attending a class if you’d like to register with us when you come along for the first time.

There is a Contact Form at the bottom of this page if you’d like to get in touch.


Her first memory of yoga is at the age of four copying her Mum who was practising following a book by the American practitioner Richard Hittleman; yoga teaching hadn’t reached the North East of Scotland in the early 1970s. She has practised on and off all her life but has been undertaking regular practice for the past fifteen years, exploring different forms of yoga along the way. Being diagnosed with osteoarthritis in her early 30s Jan found returning to practice really helped reduce her feelings of “creakiness”, finding Yin yoga particularly helpful in the winter.

Since opening the studio in 2017 Jan has enjoyed working with a range of local community groups for different purposes. She has completed training in breathwork with the world renowned Leslie Kaminoff, the incredible benefits of utilising your breath are not widely recognised and Jan is very keen to make people aware of this particularly in relation to anxiety, stress and mild depression.

Jan is currently working towards training as a clinical nutritionist with the Rowett Institute and University of Aberdeen in the autumn of 2023. The link between what we eat and our mental health ie the gut brain connection, is becoming much more widely acknowledged, combining awareness of diet with the positive effects of yoga and breathwork has the power to make a real difference to persons health and sense of wellbeing.

After several years practising different styles of yoga, Rebeca found Yin Yoga and discovered how to listen to her body and pacify her mind. Since that moment she became more passionate about mindfulness, movement, health and how yoga can help people change their lives. Rebeca is also interested in teaching yoga to sufferers of insomnia and, as a result of many injuries from not having been taught to listen to her body, people who have hyper-mobility.



Drop in £7
Introductory 3 class pass (use within 1 month) £15

1 hour One to One £30

5 class block (use within 3 months) £30
10 class block (use within 6 months) £50

Student rate – 5 class block £25


1745-1845     Intermediate

1900-2000   Beginners


1745-1845  Gentle

1900-2000  Intermediate



1230-1330  Seniors & those with health conditions

1730-1830 Yin


1000-1100  Yin

1130-1230  Beginners


1000-1100  Intermediate

1145-1245    Warm Yin

Get in Touch

To book a class or speak to a member of the team, contact us through the information below.

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