Pregnancy Yoga


Rebeca is a qualified Yoga teacher with British Wheel of Yoga; she trained in Pregnancy and Birth Preparation Yoga with Judy Cameron.

Her classes are created for nurturing and supporting women during pregnancy, labour and mothering.  She will help you to explore how yoga postures, breathing and meditation can help you to navigate the many changes and challenges which pregnancy brings.

The postures will help to strengthen and stabilise the body, combining with breathing techniques that will help to release tension, and calming our mind.

We created a space to find relaxation that will help ease the stressful environment that we are living in, replenish our energy and find a peaceful way to connect with our growing baby.

Preparing for labour and birth is an integral part of each class, where on going practice of the postures and breathing enables us to approach our baby’s birth feeling excited, prepared and empowered however our labour unfolds.

Small class numbers provide a safe and welcoming community for women to connect with one another, to create new friendships which will nurture them on their journey into motherhood, and to share feelings, hopes and experiences both of pregnancy and approaching labour and birth.

Classes Include:

Flowing postures to increase strength and flexibility, prevent and release back pain and other pregnancy discomforts and build energy and fitness.

Simple breathing practices relieve stress and anxiety and create a sense of inner calm, focus and inner strength which can be called upon in labour and times of stress or worry.

Of equal importance is the time spent stilling our mind from the busyness of everyday life and turning our attention inwards to connect with our baby. Through connecting with our baby during pregnancy we lay the foundations for one of the most important relationships of life and help ourselves to prepare for birth, for meeting our baby and our mothering journey.

Optimal Foetal Positioning where we explore how postures can encourage our baby to come into the most favourable position for birth

Exploration of how yoga postures, breathing, movements, visualisations and sound can support us during labour and birth, encouraging us to feel confident, excited and empowered however and wherever our baby is born.

Small class sizes allow time for women to share feelings, fears, hopes and experiences and to grow and share in a supportive group of other pregnant mums’.