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Yin Yoga with Nidra Workshop

Next date to be arranged Rebeca will lead the class through a yin yoga practice to release tension in the muscles and work deeply into the muscle fascia to encourage physical release and create "space" in the joints; gentle touch and some Thai assistance will be provided if you are happy to accept this.  The final thirty minutes of the workshop will introduce meditation and relaxation techniques to bring you to a state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep. This two hour workshop is suitable for beginners, those who regularly attend a Yin class or those of you who have wondered about Yin but never tried it. Book Workshop

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga Workshop Sunday 30 December 12noon to 2pm £15 Sunday  13 January  12noon to 2pm £15 If you've read about it, heard about it and fancied giving it a try come along and see what all the fuss is about ... we intend offering two different styles of class: one Classic, based on the original hot yoga sequence, and a regular Intermediate Yoga class in a hot room. The first 30 minutes will be spent acclimatising to the temperature after which we'll work through an hour long standing sequence and finish with 30 minutes of warm yin yoga. Book Workshop

Am I doing this right ??

Sunday 27 January 2018  1130-1330  £15 Ever found yourself in a pose when you thought you’d done what the teacher’s asked of you only to find yourself wondering if actually you have? This workshop aims to tune-up some of your key poses, get you to focus on how the pose feels for you.  Of course, it won’t all be hard work, there’ll be some meditative breath work and some Thai massage. Book Workshop